A surprise from across the pond

I have the best penpal in the world!
Her name is Anne and she is from England. We have been writing since we were kids, so about 20 years. Our letters are more infrequent now but we try. The whole snail mail thing is going my the wayside. But we keep puttering along. The other day I came home to find a package from her. And what a surprise... look what was inside.

It contained chocolates (not pictured because they were consumed in mass quantities over the weekend) and a magazine with free stitches markers.

The sweaters in this magazine are cute but I think that they made odd yarn choices; metallics and assorted pastels. Oh well, the articles were really interesting and it was cool to see what is "in" on the other side of the pond.
Free stitch markers!
Gratuitous wildlife shots taken by my hubby while sitting at the kitchen table.

Woody Woodpecker.

Rocky the leaping squirrel.

Tomorrow, finished shots of February Lady Sweater and progress photos of spiral socks and Heartening.

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