design envy

do you ever get design envy? you see a photo of some fabulous dress or shirt or sweater and then you want it but can't find it or you do find it but you can't afford it. i do all of the time. i saw this picture in a magazine several years back and i just absolutely love everything about it and i want one!

i love the rutcheting!
I love the cabling around the neck and sleeves.

i love all the cables around the midsection and the hem
and i love all the puckers!
what is a girl to do? this is knit material too. but it has to be the smallest needles known to man kind! really! but i love it.
what is your favorite magazine outfit that you wish you could have?
PS : i totally adore the designers on ravelry who can take a picture of a sweater and make it a reality. help me out here ladies and gentlemen. i want one. don't you too?

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  1. Anonymous5.2.09

    This happens to me ALL THE TIME. Usually budget and my conscience keep me from purchasing the items. My internal dialogue goes like this: I love that shirt, but do I love it $300 worth? I could do a lot of good with $300. Oh, heck. I'll never buy it. Then I sigh and look at it a few more times and tell myself that maybe someday I'll make something like it for myself.

    I'm a hoosier knitter, too!

    Molly from Muncie